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writer’s block

I have writer’s block, and I figure writing about writers block is better than not writing anything at all. 

zai-nabil asked: Who are you?

No one important.

Taking pictures of stuff at the Jordan river, but the weather was gloomy.


Rena Effendi: The Women of Jordan’s Zaatari Refugee Camp

Of the 124,000 people living in Zaatari, Jordan, the world’s second largest refugee camp, 54% are women and 42% of the families there are headed by women. The life of Syrian women in Zaatari is harsh and potentially dangerous - harassment is a reality and rape a nighttime possibility. The refugee women I encountered there told stories of death, deprivation, suffering and sacrifice. All of them went through major trauma of losing their homes and family members in the war. However, they refused to be portrayed as victims. As they struggle with the stigma of being refugees and cope with a loss of place and belonging these women showed remarkable resilience, definite dignity and an astounding ability to hope. They each had different ways to achieve some sort of normalcy in an inhumane situation – some by opening businesses, others by serving their community while always supporting each other. One woman I met there had even recreated – to the best of her ability – her kitchen from Syria in a small shipping container, where she lived in cramped spaces. It was the act of remembering that gave her the strength to survive.  - story originally published via marieclaire

*the great Rena Effendi strikes again. Love love love her work.. 

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Istanbul | Blue Mosque
Things I see while walking.
Money from places I have been.

It’s getting green! It’ll be brown soon. :(

Things I see while walking home.

I live in a desert. I’m not quite sure what was seen here that drew Bedouin to abandon their nomadic lifestyle to settle in this dry and arid region. 

I decided to walk the long way home to stop by a local shop for a coke. It was closed.
Preparing for civil unrest.

Anonymous asked: Are you working at a Christian organisation in the Middle East?

I used to work for an organization with people who are Christian.

I am currently unemployed. Seeking employment. Working nevertheless with my own money. 

Where have I been?

It’s difficult to start writing when so much time has passed. It is not for a lack of things to say, but rather where to start and how to begin. 

You ever run into an old friend, knowing you only have a few moments to spare, and try to give an update of your life for the past five years they missed? Same sentiment.

Perhaps it is more like Isaac Newton’s first law of motion—an object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest will remain, unless acted upon by an outside force. And my pen has been lying on its side, covered with a thin layer of white dust from Jordan’s steady  breeze from the desert.

Quite frankly, my hands have been occupied by other things: the massive refugee population from Syria. trying to survive in the Middle East. reading on Arab culture. learning more Arabic— you know trying to save the world. 

Anonymous asked: your plans for jordan?

Building refugee camps. Help Syrians. Save the world.